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Beauty in transience
Your voice sinks back into its spring
and silently air passes through
culminating in a brief breath
before your lips that crook into a smile
as you look forward at me
absorbed in some thought.
:iconsilusw:SilusW 0 0
So quiet is the field at night
when all the humans are at rest
and every robin and her chicks
sleep soundly in their lofty nest
Yet something rustles deep below
and in the chilled air all around—
a voice, a chorus clandestine
a coyly whispered, mystic sound.
A little willow by the field
weeps out her forlorn winter tune
above her spring leaves fallen
upon their gravelly tomb—
But oak trees and birches resound
to banish off her solitude
and merrily she whistles back
to them her saintly gratitude.
Tonight I've slipped out of my bed
and wandered like a dreaming ghost
out to the field  bathed in moonlight
to see my Mother and my Host.
Quite graciously I am welcomed
by her lovely winter nocturne
frail leaves flit across my bare feet
Life greets me at my every turn.
And thus I offer back my song—
a field of roses in my heart
ignites the diamonds in the sky
and shears the wispy clouds apart.
:iconsilusw:SilusW 5 7
Whispers of distant rainfall blow
a humid breeze that comes and swoons
as I gaze out my pale window
this sweetly languid afternoon.
Just at my vision's glowing brim,
hydrangeas sway with mystique
embraced by a melodic wind
whose moist hand grazes my cheek.
Oaths abandoned in this teal room
begin to whirl and rattle like leaves
dried, in my hollow chest entombed…
Faint fever a dizziness weaves.
「Our "Promises" were poiselessly
 shattered, left for roaches to find.
 Our "Forever" was noiselessly
 buried, unmarked and left behind.」
Hues of indigo sway with blues—
ah, I smell their sweet scent arcane
merging with traces left by you
as they melt into the cold rain…
And suddenly I feel submerged,
drowning in memories so frail
like the rain on my window purged
in a silence freezing and pale.
I glance at my entwined fingers—
This small finger bound us that day.
As this discovery lingers
with a knife I cast it away.
The swaying hydrangeas l
:iconsilusw:SilusW 8 14
Honest Pinocchio
Pinocchio, a boy
Innocent age of ten
Such was his simple joy
to be man among men.
At school, recess was gray.
Though to the boys he'd say
that he would like to play,
they just yelled, "go away."
So to girls he'd retreat,
but felt somehow estranged
from their customs effete;
"Maybe I'm just deranged."
Much did he ruminate
on his binding distress;
Some tactic to relate
to boys and their noblesse.
"For I'm one of them too,
and that I can attest;
I can do all they do,
I'll be no more oppressed."

Defiantly he dared
to the field by the knoll
and called out and declared
that he would keep the goal.
Their shouting turned to rage—
They, in moments only,
gathered, forming a cage
around this child lonely.
"Fake!" But he refuses
'til his nose swollen grew
darker turn the bruises—
his cheeks rose-red in hue.
Though "stop!" he tries to cry,
they are with hatred cloyed
to hear his honest lie:
"But I am a real boy…"
:iconsilusw:SilusW 16 11
North Korean Piety Poem
Now we stand together at the gallows
Sweet anticipation plucks at my chest;
the wind, the guards, the dogs, and their hallows
harmonize for Our Leader who knows best.
"Now you're eight," says Momma, "you must shout loud;
you may toss stones and rejoice in His Grace!"
"Does He watch," I ask her, "will He be proud?"
"Yes," says she, "He sees your every pace!"
Stones shower like a most glorious rain
upon you vile sinners who brought disgrace.
We shall cleanse the earth of this muddy stain
that you have smeared across The Great One's face.
A snap resonates and like dolls they hang
I exclaim, "look Mommy, still he's twitching!"
and launch one stone more that strikes with a bang
bathed in light as the breeze does her witching.
Now I am fifteen, and Momma's away.
Our Leader gently caresses my nape
with His coarse rope that has begun to fray
as the sanguine sun envelops my shape.
Now children watch me stand on the gallows
The torment of fifty deaths on me pressed
I look up, and oh, dangling ro
:iconsilusw:SilusW 1 11
Through the glassy pall of the cobalt sea,
my glimmering skin beckoned your desire
and you pursued, and swimming did I flee
only to lure you through the sandy mire.
I find humans quite a malicious lot,
to grasp delusional dominance so;
their savage world hangs from a wire taut,
a place whose visit I'm told to forgo.
Just as your base form came into my view,
I dove down, by the coral reeves hidden.
Howling gales warned of thunderheads that brew'd,
so you returned to shore, glumly smitten.
Divine solitude flew home like a dove
flutt'ring bliss upon me in one motion,
but the cantankerous tempest above
cast her endless gloom across the ocean.
Eyesight by the blinding dark is strangled;
I try to shoot up but plummet, pulled down,
in ravenous claws of seaweed tangled.
Calling out to you, my swan song just drowns...
Through the jangling waters, I hear clouds ring.
Weeds fill my gills as they with currents seethe.
Now I feel that I've never felt a thing...
I can't breathe...
:iconsilusw:SilusW 8 7
Haiku 3
Dewdrops form diamonds
Wind sings the song of morning
below a blue glow
:iconsilusw:SilusW 1 0
Haiku 2
Ripples on the stream's
teeming, crystalline surface
kiss your fingertips
:iconsilusw:SilusW 0 0
Haiku 1
Music is the best
companion to cuddle with
in bed late at night
:iconsilusw:SilusW 0 2
Alice. by SilusW Alice. :iconsilusw:SilusW 21 8 La-haut by SilusW La-haut :iconsilusw:SilusW 0 0 Sun Salutation by SilusW Sun Salutation :iconsilusw:SilusW 1 8 Spring Petals by SilusW Spring Petals :iconsilusw:SilusW 5 0
In A House Beyond The Forest
In a house beyond the forest,
lived a man of spirit poorest
who penned stories of hate and war
in his dark room on the top floor.
Many years past, he locked his door
thinking the world he should ignore.
He showed his writings to no soul;
just kept writing without a goal.
Kept stock of each book on each shelf,
read Poe and Tolstoy by himself,
reread pages in dust covered,
trite tales of strife and scorned lovers.
Some things were passed under his door
Water, off'rings of food and more
newspaper clippings that he burned
for his care the world had not earned.
Footsteps in the hall he ignored,
even the rare knocks at his door;
those feeble taps were only rain
so quiet on his windowpane.
Snatched the food, ate as he wrote
within his four walls, shields, his moat.
Battles of blood, ships lost at sea-
wrote tales so dark to be set free.
Drank the water he was given,
tossed away pages he'd riven.
He stayed up late by candlelight,
window blinds closed, even at night.
He wrote each thought down
:iconsilusw:SilusW 10 14
A Candle Called Infatuation
You lit
a candle
so fragrant
such sweet
But the wax:
Tick, tick
tick, Tick,
tick, tick,
Tick, Tick,
A little flick
A fickle wick
of cotton knit
flickers quick
Melting wax
slipping slick
Tick, tick
Flickering flame
flickered, fades
:iconsilusw:SilusW 3 2
My Little Mask
This mask
I wear it daily
It's a one-way mirror
From a distance, I am he
Close enough, one sees through
and I am me.
:iconsilusw:SilusW 0 0

Random Favourites

Plate Commission - WIP by Neheti Plate Commission - WIP :iconneheti:Neheti 57 28
In Her Presence
She came to visit, I know not from where,
This beautiful maiden with auburn hair,
A single gold feather shining bright,
Upon Her forehead, casting a light,
From beneath the soft black feathery lashes,
Were green, brown and gold in mingling splashes,
Her hazel eyes were gentle and kind,
As they twinkled briefly and gazed into mine
Rosy red tint on Her cheekbones, and then
A trace of freckles on soft ivory skin,
Her nose led to lips with a hint of a smile
That beckoned me "come, sit and stay for a while"
Her graceful neck arched to a choker of leather
A striking contrast to the brilliant feather
But dangling from the worn necklace of hide
Was a heart made of polished silver each side
Each curl had a magickal mind of its own
Wild and flowing, each lovely tress shown
Like the heat from an ember that's still aflame
The colors of fire, Her hair just the same
The red and gold tresses cascaded down
To a white peasant blouse and skirt made of brown
And over this all was a carpet of green
In the
:iconannezon:Annezon 12 27
Circle of Sisters by Marjolijn-Ashara Circle of Sisters :iconmarjolijn-ashara:Marjolijn-Ashara 7 8 Joes Adventure 23 by LazyMuFFin Joes Adventure 23 :iconlazymuffin:LazyMuFFin 305 92 New Sushi Ring by fairchildart New Sushi Ring :iconfairchildart:fairchildart 2,929 560 Imbolc,  Book Of Shadows by Brightstone Imbolc, Book Of Shadows :iconbrightstone:Brightstone 111 7 Chrysalis by Kasarix Chrysalis :iconkasarix:Kasarix 4 5 Adornments of the Sun by wanderingmage Adornments of the Sun :iconwanderingmage:wanderingmage 8 9 Please Don't Feed the Birds by JohnSu Please Don't Feed the Birds :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 5,462 799 Iceland - at the top by Pharaun333 Iceland - at the top :iconpharaun333:Pharaun333 1,753 218
Moon Magick
Blessed night
Candlelight's flicker in the quiet dark
I stand naked
A quick shiver from the cool air
A shudder from the power building in me
Oh the sweet night
I reach my fingers to the cold window
The icy barrier prevents me from grasping the heavens
Silence and snow blanket the world below
I wait
Watching the skies for her chariot
Patiently I mark her path
Riding gracefully through thick white clouds
Until she crests
In all her glory
I bask in her full  beams
Joyful in her light
Releasing all I hold within me
I share my soul
With the universe
:iconsekem-miw:Sekem-Miw 29 22
Divine Mother Star Ornament by KazFoxsen Divine Mother Star Ornament :iconkazfoxsen:KazFoxsen 11 7 Watery Sky by momshea4 Watery Sky :iconmomshea4:momshea4 54 32 Spirit by IMustBeDead Spirit :iconimustbedead:IMustBeDead 7,141 1,964 StupidFox - 39 by SilentReaper StupidFox - 39 :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 13,390 1,448 CHRISTMAS CARD + 2 by TADBEER CHRISTMAS CARD + 2 :icontadbeer:TADBEER 11 2



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